Why Do Dog Need Toys?

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Every dog need to have fun, but toys give your dog the chance to chew, pull, and chase without harming your house, furniture, shoes, or even the daily newspaper. Toys have become important to dogs for numerous reasons, not just for play.

Chewing is a satisfying, natural activity for dogs. Chew toys come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Chew toys keep your canine’s jaws and teeth healthy; it also keeps the dog’s attention diverted from chewing up your favorite pair of slippers. Fetching toys, such as balls, ropes, Frisbees, or even a common stick from the backyard, gives your pooch a chance to burn off much needed energy when they are feeling rambunctious. Throwing a toy gives the dog a chance to run and retrieve it, which is a natural instinct for most dogs. Fetching toys is a good source of exercise for dogs to maintain a healthy and active life.

A dog’s day can be boring and slow when owners leave them home alone; therefore, they start looking for things to do, such as ripping apart your precious furniture. Toys can enrich the dog’s mind and keep them alert and active when home alone. There are even “problem-solving” toys available for your dog. The most popular of the “problem-solving” toys is a treat ball. It is a hollow ball that lets you put treats inside. The goal of the treat ball is for the dog to problem-solve and get the treat out of the ball.

Some other popular toys are squeaky and stuffed toys. Some dogs use stuffed toys as a source of comfort. They like to snuggle, hug, and drag around their favorite toy with them wherever they go because it brings serenity and peace of mind to the pooch in times of worry and lonesomeness. In fact, toys help make them a better and more rounded, healthy dog.