Hazards For Your Dog During The Winter

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Unless you live near the equator, you can probably testify that winter can be brutal. The cold winter months bring about freezing cold temperatures, slippery black ice, and heavy snow. It’s important that you know how to keep your dog safe during these chilly winter months.

During the winter, many people buy plants to care for. Before you purchase just any old plant because it looks pretty, make sure you research and are sure that the plant isn’t toxic to your dog. Moreover, if you have a fire going or lit candles in your home, never leave your dog alone near them. It’s not hard for your dog to get too close to these hazardous flames.

If your dog is an outside dog, make sure he or she stays warm during the winter. It’s a smart idea to invest in a doggie home and/or let your outdoor dog inside frequently during the day to ensure that he or she doesn’t end up with a case of hypothermia. If your dog’s water dish is outside, check it throughout the day to make sure it doesn’t freeze. In addition, it’s also common for people to use ice melt on their driveways. However, it is toxic to dogs, so don’t put down ice melt where you know your dog stays when he or she goes outside.

If you decide to take your dog for a walk during the winter, have your dog wear some sort of clothing. Most pet stores sell doggie jackets, doggie boots, and doggie sweaters in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Additionally, if your family celebrates Christmas, never leave your dog alone with the Christmas tree. Dogs have a tendency to knock over Christmas trees out of curiosity. Furthermore, make sure all of your baked goods stay far away from your dog during these winter months. Although if you wanted to, you could bake your dog doggie treats from scratch using a dog-friendly recipe.

Every dog has a different personality, and every dog will react differently toward winter. Some dogs enjoy being let out in the snow, while other dogs can’t stand the feeling of the wet snow touching their paws. It doesn’t matter if your dog likes winter or not; what matters is that your dog stays safe during these frosty winter months.