Putting Sunscreen On Your Dog’s Nose

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Even though dogs have fur, they can still get sunburned. The nose is a very sensitive area for dogs and can burn easily. If the sun is out where you live and you know your dog is going to be outside for more than a few minutes, it’s important that you know how to apply sunscreen to your dog’s nose.

First, make sure you buy dog-specific sunscreen; it’s relatively inexpensive and available at pet stores. Take a small blob of sunscreen and use your finger to apply it gently to the exposed area of your dog’s nose right around the tip of the nose. Rub it in, and make sure to spread evenly over the nose. While the sunscreen is drying, you’re going to want to distract your dog so he or she doesn’t try to rub it off. Try talking to your dog, playing with your dog, or giving your dog a treat.

After 15 minutes have passed, apply a second coat. Distract your dog again for a few minutes so that the sunscreen has time to dry. Once the sunscreen appears to be set and dry, your dog is free to frolic and play outside! If you know your dog will be staying outside for at least two hours in the heat, be prepared to apply more sunscreen. Apply sunscreen to your dog’s nose approximately for every two hours spent outside.

It’s more difficult for a dog’s body to get sunburned, so applying sunscreen all over your dog is usually not necessary. Although if your dog’s fur is thinning or your dog has bald patches throughout his or her coat, it’s a smart idea to apply dog-specific sunscreen to those areas. Applying sunscreen might be a hassle now, but having to deal with a sunburned dog because you didn’t want to take a few minutes to apply sunscreen would be more of hassle.