Keeping Your Dog Calm During A Thunderstorm

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Thunderstorms are loud. The sharp and unpredictable booms of thunder can frighten anyone. Dogs can become anxious and scared during these storms; it’s important that you as an owner are able to calm your dog down during a thunderstorm.

During thunderstorms, dogs often shiver, shake, and hide in places that they consider “safe.” The most efficient and effective way to calm your dog down is to give him or her attention. When you cuddle with and talk to your dog, he or she will feel loved and special. Dogs generally respond well to attention when any conflict arises. Most dogs also feel safe and secure around their owners.

Turning on music while the storm is occurring can also help to calm your dog down. Gentle music is very soothing and helps to ease nerves and uncertainties. In addition to the music, try to play with your dog. Play fetch indoors and/or play with his or her favorite chew toy(s) together. Getting your dog’s mind off what’s happening outside will make a big difference in behavior.

Sometimes, dogs have a favorite spot that they like to retreat to. If your dog enjoys a certain area of your house, make it more inviting. Move blankets and possibly a dog bed into that area so your dog can relax there during the storm. Even if your dog doesn’t have a special area to go to during the storm, give your dog a blanket anyway. Blankets can also help give dogs that safe and secure feeling. If you haven’t already, buy a blanket specifically for your pet. Dogs like to have their own blankets, and they will leave their scent all over any blankets given to them.

You could use none, one, some, or all of these tactics. You usually only need to try one to see an improvement in your dog’s behavior, but every dog is different. If your dog still won’t calm down no matter what you do, don’t panic because most storms don’t last long, and the thunderstorm will be over before you know it.