Playing With Your Dog In The Snow

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During the winter, most children love getting all bundled up to play in the snow. When you drive through a neighborhood in the winter, you’re bound to see kids building a snowman and/or having a snowball fight. Dogs love attention and dogs love to play as well. Don’t leave your dog inside of your home, while everyone else is playing outside; your dog will most likely enjoy playing outdoors too & Dog In The Snow !

Outdoor Winter Play

If your dog has short hair, thinning hair, or missing hair, you should consider investing in a doggie coat or a doggie sweater. Places like Target sell dog apparel all year round, but you’ll probably find a larger selection of doggie coats and sweaters at your local pet store. Sweaters and coats for dogs come in all different sizes, patterns, colors, styles, materials, and prices.

Dogs love participating in snowball fights; obviously, your dog won’t be able to throw any snowballs back at you, but he or she will enjoy the chase. If you throw snowballs at your dog, don’t pack them too hard and make sure they’re soft. You can try to get your dog to catch the snowballs in his or her mouth as well. If you make a snow angel in the snow, your dog is likely to imitate you and make his or her own doggie snow angel.

Shovel a variety of different paths to form a maze if you have a larger yard. You can play hide and seek within the mazes or make it an obstacle course kind of game. If your yard has small hills within it, try bringing your dog sledding with you down those hills.

Not all dogs like being outside in the snow, but bringing your dog outside usually makes for a nice change of pace if your dog spends most of the winter cooped up inside. Get your whole family to join in on the outdoor fun! If your dog doesn’t enjoy being outdoors with you in the freezing cold weather, don’t take it personally. Try to find games to play with your dog indoors so that you don’t neglect spending quality time with your dog.