Potty Training Your Dog In The Snow

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Just because winter is here doesn’t mean your dog’s internal systems change much. Your dog will still need to go to the bathroom of course. If you don’t want your dog having accidents throughout your home during the winter, it’s important that you properly Potty Training  your pooch to use the bathroom in the snow.

Training your dog to go to the bathroom in the snow is no easy task, but it’s not impossible. First, make sure you have a path or an area cleared for your dog to go to the bathroom. If you have a tiny dog and there’s five feet of snow out there, it’s not realistic to send your teeny dog out to do his or her business. The area doesn’t have to stay completely clean, but just empty enough that your dog can maneuver without too much of a struggle.

For the first few times, go out with your dog and make sure he or she actually goes to the bathroom. Sometimes, dogs will “pretend” they went to the bathroom without actually having gone so they can come back inside sooner. After a while, your dog will get the hang of it.

Take your dog out a few times simply to play in the snow. The more comfortable your dog is around snow, the more comfortable your dog will be going to the bathroom in it. If it’s extremely chilly out, try dressing your pup in a doggie sweater or coat before sending him or her out. You can use dog treats to reward your dog for going if you are having an especially hard time getting your dog to go.

Some dogs adjust better than other dogs do to the snow. Some dogs don’t behave any differently in the snow and they aren’t bothered by it, while other dogs may refuse to go outside if there’s snow on the ground. If your dog is stubborn, just keep trying and be patient. Sooner or later, your dog will realize that the snow is nothing more than a nuisance and it doesn’t harm him or her at all.