Dogs And Storm Prediction

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Have you ever heard people say that their knees ache when it rains? Or that their hips tingle before a thunderstorm? Dogs have the ability to tell when a storm or natural disaster is likely to hit. Of course, dogs won’t be able to flat out tell you when a storm is going to strike, but they do give off clues and signs when a storm or natural disaster is likely to occur.

Signs to Watch For

Before an earthquake hits an area, most dogs will bark repeatedly at what appears to be nothing at the time. Before any sort of large storm hits, otherwise friendly dogs are known to bite their owners and anyone else they come in contact with. Dogs are able to sense the changes occurring in the air & Storm Prediction before humans can because their olfactory senses are a lot stronger. Before a thunderstorm strikes, you’ll usually find your dog shivering and shaking somewhere in your house.

If your dog is acting differently, something is probably wrong. As soon as you see your dog behaving abnormally, turn on your television or radio to see if there are any reports of a storm or natural disaster expected to happen in your area. If there is a storm headed your way, make sure you know what precautions to take. Your dog should have a collar with a pet ID tag, you should have water bottles on hand, a working flashlight within reach, and always have a small supply of cash on hand because you never know when you’re going to need it.

Paying careful attention to your dog’s moods and behaviors is a great way to tell when there’s a possibility of a storm or a natural disaster striking your area. In addition, the more attention you pay to how your dog acts, the more likely you are to notice illness, infection, or disease in your dog. Many medical problems that arise in dogs go untreated simply because their owners don’t pay enough attention to their pups.