Puppy Exercise Requirements & Limitations

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There’s no way of knowing exactly how much exercise a puppy should get, as exercise requirements are different for each dog. But one thing is for sure: Puppies do need exercise to get rid of all the extra energy they’re carrying around. Otherwise, your puppy will find a way to release all that energy by chewing, barking excessively, digging, and more.

How much exercise should puppies get?

As your puppy gets older, he will be able to withstand longer periods of exercise, but until then it’s best to stick to what he can handle. You’ll know that your puppy has had enough exercise when he is not as energetic or when he’s no longer enthusiastic about the activity.

What kind of exercise is recommended?

Walking and playing games are the preferred forms of exercise for young puppies. It is best to start with short exercise sessions and slowly increase the time as your puppy gets older. Also, it’s extremely important to avoid activities that involve endurance training. This type of exercise can lead to injuries or deformities because puppies have fragile bodies that are still developing.

Should an exercise routine be established?

Getting your puppy on an exercise routine is a good idea, as it will promote good health and encourage discipline. However, you must consult with your vet before getting started to make sure everything is in order. Vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, and deworming are some of the things that should be taken care of before taking your puppy out to public places. Lastly, avoid taking your puppy out to exercise in extremely hot or cold weather.