Safely Dealing With Online Vets

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There are thousands of people that are searching for an online veterinarian, live vet chat or pet health hotline every month, however there are very few resources available for these Pet Owners. There is however, a wealth of great information about pet health on the web, but often times this information is very broad and you are looking for information on your specific situation. Yes, you can find a live vet through some of the big brands, but how do you know that the Vet who is answering your questions is qualified and caring? Can you be certain that the advice that they are giving you is advice that will keep your pet safe?

When dealing with online Vet, you should always seek a second opinion with your local Veterinarian through a visit to the office. No matter what the situation, or the fears you have, there is no true substitute for an in person visit. Live Vets may be able to provide you with advice and information, but it impossible to diagnose or provide true veterinary care without hands on your pet. The Pet Health Helpline hand picks each and every Veterinarian and Vet Technician that works for us and will always refer you to a local qualified Veterinary hospital through our partnership with VetFinder™.