Training a Deaf Dog

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Owning a deaf dog can be slightly more challenging than owning a dog that can hear, but it doesn’t have to be. Training a dog regardless of disability takes patience and dedication.

Dogs learn the meaning of things through repetition whether it be words or hand signals.Barking, whining, and growling are not the primary forms of communication; in fact, they are secondary. The main forms of communication are body language and scent.

You do not necessarily require a trainer, but it is worth keeping this option in mind, as a trainer can sometimes show an owner a different way of doing something that can be more beneficial. Start your dog’s training in a place where they will not be easily distracted and gradually change environments to more busy environments as your dog learns.

A dog requires a reward for correct/good behaviour. You can offer food rewards; however, if your dog doesn’t like treats, a toy can also work. You will need to be creative. Do not bribe your dog with the reward but use it as a lure. Once your dog understands the command, phase out giving a reward.

Training your dog right after a meal will probably not yield much success, especially if you are using food as a reward since your pooch will be too full after a meal to want a reward. Training sessions should be short, consistent, and regular. They should always end on a positive note.

Accept that like humans, dogs learn at different speeds, so try not to rush your dog. As your dog is going through the learning stages, reward him every time he performs the requested behavior. When you dog gets that behaviour completely right, give him a bigger reward and a lot of praise.

As your pooch masters the commands, start to get him to perform multiple tasks for one treat.After your dog learns the requested behavior 100 percent, it is no longer necessary to reward him every time. You can start to ween your dog off rewards at this point.With some patience, persistence, and perseverance, you can get your deaf dog trained like any other dog.