Dogs and Summer Allergies

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There is more pollen in the air in the beginning of summer than any other time of the year. It’s not just people who have to deal with the unpleasant sneezes, the runny noses, and the sinus pressure; dogs experience allergies too.


Most often, dogs with allergies are allergic to pollen. Dogs suffering from allergies usually lick and/or chew their feet more than usual and compulsively scratch their skin. Ear problems also present themselves when dogs have allergies; dogs may rub their ears along surfaces and/or compulsively scratch their ears in search of relief.


First, you need to make sure that your dog’s allergies actually are allergies and not some sort of infection or rash. If you suspect that your dog has allergies, make an appointment to see your local veterinarian.

Most veterinarians will put your dog on antihistamines in the case allergies. Most of the time, this can clear up your dog’s allergies. If your dog still has symptoms after having followed the specific treatment plan, it may be necessary for your dog to see someone who specializes in pet allergies. Your dog may need certain medications and/or a shot of some sort.

The only good thing about allergies is that they typically don’t last too long and that they’re seasonal. If you know your dog has allergies, you can be better prepared for the next allergy season.