Eliminating Dog Odor In the Summer

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You probably have noticed that during summers past, your dog had a stronger stench. Giving your dog a bath is the most efficient and common solution to get rid of the awful odors, but you can also try some other methods to help your dog stay smelling fresh.

Stopping the Stench

Find a towel you don’t mind getting dirty and get some baby powder. Shake a fair amount of baby powder onto the towel and run the towel around your dog’s coat to help reduce any odors. Try to avoid the dog’s face; the eyes and ears are sensitive areas dog odor.

Get a sheet of dryer fabric softener and rub it all along your dog’s coat. Just like the baby powder did, this too will instantly get rid of the odors. Moreover, most pet stores carry “doggie wipes.” These wipes are almost identical to baby wipes in size, shape, smell, and use. Use these wipes to wipe your dog’s coat. The moisture might even feel good to your dog when it’s so hot out.

Avoid giving your dog a bath more than once a week. Doing so strips the coat of the natural oils that help your dog stay healthy, and your dog’s fur will lose its shine and softness. Don’t abandon baths altogether when using these tips and tricks. These tips simply mask the smell; bathing cleans your dog and eliminates odors.