Stopping Your Dog From Chewing During Storms

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Dogs tend to chew on things more when they’re anxious. When your dog hears the rain coming down and the strong winds of a thunderstorms, he or she will most likely chew on things a lot more than usual. If you want to keep your furniture, shoes, and other belongings “chew free,” then it’s important to know how to control your dog’s chewing habits.

While any storm comes, always have gentle music playing. Music is soothing to dogs and can help to relieve their storm anxiety. Bring the music with you to a place in your house that you know your dog likes to be. When your dog is comfortable with his or her surroundings, then he or she is less likely to chew on things. Whenever you speak to your dog, always use a loving and gentle tone. If your dog can tell that you’re frustrated or anxious, then your dog could become even more frustrated and anxious.

If your dog begins to chew on something during a storm, tell him or her “no” in a stern voice. Don’t frighten your dog; use just enough emphasis so that the dog understands that chewing is wrong. Try and keep your dog’s focus away from chewing and the storm. Try watching television with your dog, playing with your dog’s toys, or even playing hide and seek with your dog. Usually by keeping your dog occupied, he or she will forget about the storm and focus on what you’re doing. Giving your dog a treat to help calm him or her down is always an option too.

Even if you’ve tried what seems to be everything and your dog is still chewing excessively during storms, don’t panic. Keep in mind that storms don’t happen too often and usually don’t last long. When storms occur and your dog won’t stop chewing, it’s a smart idea to keep your dog in a separate area of the house away from furniture.