Training Your Dog Not To Fear Storms

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When dogs get upset, they can become destructive. If your dog has a fear of storms, your dog might ruin your furniture and demolish your other belongings whenever a storm hits. It’s vital that your dog knows how to deal with storms in a positive way.

One of the most effective ways of teaching dogs not to fear storms is to ignore them. When you cuddle with and comfort your dog while a storm is occurring, you’re showing your dog that feeling scared and anxious during a storm is all right. The goal is to prove to your dog that storms are nothing to be afraid of and not worth the anxiety. It might be hard to ignore your dog during the first storm, but your dog will be less and less afraid as each storm comes and goes. Your dog will soon realize that storms do not cause him or her any harm.

When a storm comes with loud rain and thunder, take your dog to his or her favorite room. By taking your dog somewhere else, you can prevent your dog from excessively chewing on things. Moreover, a favorite familiar room serves as a comforter. It’s also helpful to keep your dog distracted during the storm. Have your dog’s favorite toys and treats on hand for whenever a storm strikes your area.

If your dog is an outside dog, always bring him or her inside during a storm; it’s not safe for people or dogs to be outdoors. If your dog still has an extreme fear of storms and suffers from severe anxiety, talk to your local veterinarian. There are anxiety medications that the veterinarians can prescribe. Usually, medication is a last ditch effort, so make sure you’ve exhausted all of your other options before resorting to medication.