The Way Of The Future; Veterinary Care Online And By Phone

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In today’s changing world, consumers are utilizing the internet more than ever for every aspect of their lives. There are now online companies offering real pricing on cars to remove the haggling process, there is online grocery shopping, there are apps that allow us to share pictures with thousands of our peers at the press of a button. We here at the Pet Health Helpline decided that it was time to make give Pet Owners a way to connect with pet professionals online and over the phone. Our live vet platform that is soon to be launched will allow consumers who want to connect and ask questions to a Vet online to do so in a very simple format. Our Vet Tech chat platform will allow pet owners to chat live and very soon face to face with Veterinary Care technicians through webcam or Facetime. Our telephone helpline will give pet owners a voice to talk to and ask any questions they have. The Pet Health Helpline is looking to change the way pet owners connect with live vets and we are doing so with technology that is easy to use.